'We had to be wild and crazy': Meet the Topeka Tropics, the city's new arena football team

Get ready to welcome Topeka's new arena football team, the Topeka Tropics.

The team's name was revealed Wednesday during a gathering at Redbud Park in NOTO.

According to J.R. Bond, the team's owner, about 1,800 submissions were made by community members. Only one suggested Topeka Tropics.

"We wanted something that would make the point to people that said we are different than anything that's been done before," Bond said.

The team plans to play into the theme by dumping sand into each end zone and decorating with palm trees.

A close second-place choice was the Topeka Taters, Bond said.

The irony of naming a team based in the Midwest Topeka Tropics isn't lost on Bond.

"We are going to have a very high-level serious football program," Bond said. "With that football program being so high level and top-notch, we knew on our game operation side, we had to be wild and crazy in order to match that intensity.

"It is ironic. There is a little bit taken from the movie 'Semi-Pro' with Will Farrell."

Topeka Tropics' head coach to be revealed soon 

Bond said the team plans to introduce its head coach in a few weeks.

"That introduction of that head coach, no pun intended, is going to make some waves," Bond said. "...It will be a first in football history. It will be legit and it will be something that will be in the record books for Topeka forever."

The team's first game is scheduled to take place in February 2022 at Stormont Vail Events Center.

"We are going to be silly, we are going to be crazy and we want our fans to be silly and crazy at the same time," Bond said. "When you walk into that arena, what happens there stays there. No matter your age, everyone has fun at the beach."