Tropics hire Tyus Jackson as the team's inaugural head coach.

Topeka Tropics Owner J.R. Bond has announced the hiring of Tyus Jackson as the team’s inaugural head coach.

“We welcome Tyus Jackson to the Topeka Tropics family,” Bond said. “His background includes successful tenures at the highest levels of arena football. His football acumen, demonstrated values, and forward-thinking vision fit well into what we are building in Topeka. He reflects the mission of our team to promote excellence and fun, not only on the field but in the community as well.”

Jackson brings a wealth of experience to the Tropics. Jackson was a superstar defensive player in arena football and has relationships with some of the most talented players in the game today.

Jackson has made an immediate impact on the team and has already signed some of arena football’s highest-profile stars. Jackson has already signed perennial all-star quarterback Derrick Bernard, former league MVP Darrian Miller, perennial all-star wide receiver Jared Elmore and highly touted defensive end Chester Graves.

“This is an incredible opportunity to lead this team,” said new Head Coach Tyus Jackson. “I have spent my career working in arena football, and this is the most professional and organized team I have ever seen. I fully expect to compete for a championship in our first season. The expectations are high and we fully intend to live up to those expectations.”

Jackson is a former all-star player in the AFL and af2 and recently was a defensive coordinator in the CIF. Jackson owns Action-Packed in Kansas City where he trains some of the area’s top athletes.